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01 September 2017

Let’s face it; running shoes aren’t cheap. The better you take care of them, the longer they will last. Here’s how.
1. Even if they feel like slippers, don’t wear your running shoes for anything other than running. Walking around with them adds to extra wear and tear.
2. Loosen the laces when you put your running shoes on or take them off. Trying to shove your foot in or out your shoe with tied laces damages the shoe, and can tear the stitching or netting.
3. Take your shoes out of your gym back immediately after getting home. Leaving them in there won’t dry them out, they will build up bacteria, and smell!
4. Take the insoles out and let them air dry separately.
5. Give your insoles a good scrub with a small brush from time to time and let them air dry before putting them back.
6. Get rid of any surface dirt with an old toothbrush, warm water and anti-grease soap.
7. If they are extremely dirty and require more than just a clean with a brush, rinse them off with water and spray with a shoe cleaner. Leave it on for a while before scrubbing them under running water. Stuff them with newspaper and let them dry in the open air naturally.
8. If your shoes are really wet after a rainy run, put crumpled-up newspaper or kitchen paper inside to help them dry faster. The paper will help absorb the dampness. Remember a shoe takes about 12 hours to dry.
9. It might be a good idea to keep a second pair of running shoes handy in case your first pair is still damp/drying. Alternating between two pairs of running shoes is a good idea.
10. Never dry your shoes in front of a heater. It can alter the shape of the shoe.
11. Don’t forget to take your laces out from time to time and give them a good wash or even replace them.
12. Don’t get obsessive over washing every mark off your running shoes every day. Excessive washing can break down the fabric.
13. If you do insist on putting your shoes in the washing machine, wash them on the shortest and most gentle cycle. Remember, it is not recommended though.
14. When you store you running shoes, keep them in a cool and dry place away from heat, which is the worst for shoes.
Bottom-line, take care of your shoes, and they will take care of you, and your wallet!

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