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by Michelle Carnegie
20 September 2017

We were wandering through all the stalls at the Cape Town Marathon Expo when I came across the Compressport Overshorts. As someone who is rather fussy about the fit and length of my running shorts or tights, I immediately liked the look of these shorts, mainly because they seemed a bit longer than a normal pair of running shorts and they felt incredibly light.
On further inspection and after chatting to the experts at the stall I learnt that they were Overshorts, to be worn over a pair of either short or long running pants. Be that as it may, I wanted to try them on and wear them as a normal pair of shorts, without any tights. As they are worn over tights they come without a built-in brief, which just means you need to add your own briefs, as you would with some other brands of running shorts.
I loved the look and especially the feel of them. I bought them with the intention of wearing them as a normal pair of running shorts, and if that doesn’t pan out to wear them in winter over my running tights.
I ran my first run after the marathon in them and can honestly say they were amazing. This is what I loved about them:
1. The first thing I noticed was the ultra-light feel when putting them on. At only 40 grams I could barely feel them against my skin.
2. I loved the longer length and did not experience any chafing problems.
3. The V-shape of the waistband felt super soft and I did not feel any pressure on my stomach.
4. Another great feature was the fact that they did not retain any moisture. When I took them off I was surprised at how dry they were.
I decided to wear them on a second cooler morning run to get the feel of what it felt like wearing them over my running tights. I was barely aware of them or felt them. Women or men who prefer to wear something over their running tights would love these. For me, I still prefer to wear them as they are, just as a pair of running shorts.
Technical aspects
Here are some of the technical aspects of the Compressport Overshorts:
1.  100% efficient and indestructible.
2.  Ultra-light, and made of only one layer of fabric without a hem, allowing freedom of movement without friction or chafing.
3.  The Overshorts’ ergonomic V-shape belt lessens pressure on the stomach for optimal comfort. Also provides great support by absorbing shocks in the lower back fatigue areas.
4.  The Overshort is hydrophobic and the water-repellent fibre wicks moisture away and evacuates sweat without absorbing it, even when excessive. It will remain feather light in all conditions.
5.  A front pocket provides space to store your essentials.
In short, I am 100% impressed on all levels with these shorts and will definitely be adding another pair to my running wardrobe.
Available at selected sport retailers, or log onto to shop online or for more info.

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