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26 September 2017

We all have something special that keeps us going when times get tough while running. For some it is a special mantra, for others it is a message on a bracelet and some even wear a necklace with meaningful charms. Whatever it is, we all have this in common: those inspirational words often help us soldier on, and can even mean the difference between giving up or finishing what we started.
Balega now has a new range of socks on the market, called the Grit & Grace collection. What makes this collection special is that the socks have beautiful inspirational messages written on the top of them and even more special, have been dedicated to an amazing woman and long-time runner named Kim Stemple.
The story behind the Grit & Grace Collection
In 2012, Kim, from Baton Rouge, La, was diagnosed with a terminal illness. But this fatal medical condition did not stop this inspirational woman from running or from helping others. She founded We Finish Together, a company passing along medals with words of love and support on the ribbons to people who are going through similar tough situations in life. Through Facebook Kim has inspired hundreds of runners to give their finisher’s medals to those who need a touch of magic in their lives. The only requirements are that you need to write a handwritten inspirational note on the ribbon, together with a personalised card. Kim isn’t sure how much time she has left, but she is making each second count and focuses it on the medals she can share with others.
Kim lives by three mantras: Kindness Matters, Rewrite the Rules, and Be the Spark. Balega decided to honour Kim by embroidering these words on a limited edition of the 2017 Grit and Grace collection. These mantras are all printed on Balega’s Enduro for women. “Kim is the living embodiment of grit and grace, and her words now make each step an inspiration.”
By supporting this initiative, you in turn support women like Kim to stand up and make a difference. $1 from the sale of every pair of Balega Grit & Grace socks is donated to Breast Cancer Prevention Partners.

Technical Specs
These socks are as good as they look! Here are some of the technical specs:
1.     High heel tabs line the inside of your shoe for added comfort.
2.     Uniquely positioned elastic bands to ensure no sock movement.
3.     Seam free comfort. Hand linked toe seam give the ultimate in seam free comfort.
4.     Large ventilated panels for added comfort.
5.     Balega’s Drynamix air conditioning fabric system moisture manager allows free movement of airflow ensuring cool and dry feet with its unique rapid moisture evaporation system.
6.     All Balega socks are pre-washed and inspected by hand. Wear them straight out the pack!
Our Experience
We bought these socks at the Cape Town Marathon Expo and immediately fell in love with the beautiful inspirational messages and amazing colours. Little did we know how great they would feel on. My first impression was the amazing cushioning on the bottom of my feet as well as support on the arch. They also fitted perfectly with my running shoes, feeling snug but not tight, especially not around my toes. I loved the length, not too high but not hidden away either.
The best quality for me though was the dryness of the sock. After long runs my socks are usually quite sweaty and wet by the time I take them off. This was a whole different experience. They weren’t wet or heavy at all! All in all a winner in our books and I can honestly say I am hooked on Balega’s.
Retails at R120 per pair. Available at selected retailers. For a full list of retailers and more info visit

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