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24 October 2017

Looking for some compression legwear and socks that are not only functional but also fashionable? Then try out these cool ones from CEP, which not only offer the perfect balance between health and performance, but also ensure you stand out in the running crowd.
CEP, the sports brand of medi GmbH & Co. KG headquartered in Bayreuth, Germany, set one of the most noticeable fashion trends in running in recent years with its brash knee socks. Initially mocked as thrombosis socks or support stockings, compression legwear from CEP has long proven its effectiveness. With its bright colors and bold neon designs CEP legwear and running socks not only look cool, but has also become an indispensable part of many runner’s gear.
So if you are in the market for some new compression socks, here are some benefits of CEP legwear and socks:
1.     Studies show that CEP socks increase the flow of blood, which in turn helps prevent muscle soreness and cramps and can even reduce the chance of getting shin splints.
2.     Activates muscles.
3.     Protects tendons and ligaments.
4.     Reduces muscle vibrations.
5.     Accelerates regeneration.
6.     Perfect companion on long trips.
7.     The ergonomic foot section minimizes the risk of getting blisters thanks to the perfect stay-put, crease-free fit.
8.     (Ultra) light Socks by CEP feature a thin fabric with excellent wicking properties so your feet stay cool and dry. The thinly padded foot section ensures ultimate comfort and direct contact in close-fitting running shoes.

What makes CEP socks different?
The compression levels are medically tuned for maximum performance. When you buy a pair, your calf circumference will be measured to ensure proper compression. The compression on the calf is lower to effectively target the arteries and allow proper blood flow back to the heart, while the compression in the ankle penetrates deep veins to push blood back to the heart. Plus, CEP socks are anatomically correct with left and right feet.
Remember, compression should not be greater in the calf than in the ankle. Think about it, if the socks squeeze tighter at the calf than the ankle, then the socks will promote blood flow toward the ankle rather than the heart. This can hinder performance, recovery and in some cases cause more harm than good. Compression socks should never be measured by shoe size, the result can be compression designs that are the opposite of what they should be or compression that is not tight enough to help you.
The CEP Compression and Ortho range are stocked here:
- The Orca/Orbea Concept store in Greenpoint (021-4395116)
- The Orca/Orbea Concept store in Morningside (011-2341729)
- Equipt in Stellenbosch (Ortho and recovery range) (021-8083469) 
- Geco Cycles, Cape Town (021-9823446)

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