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03 January 2018

Get back on track this January with these delicious detox smoothies. Have one for breakfast or after a workout, and add a little health back into your life! Trust us, your body will thank you, and you might just feel better on your next couple of runs.
1. Detox Spinach Smoothie
This is perfect post workout and is packed with all the vitamins and nutrients you need after a run.
•   2 bananas
•   1 apple
•   1 cup young spinach leaves
•   1 lime
•   water as needed
·      Cut bananas and apple into slices (peel if preferred). Blend before adding spinach leaves and juice of lime.
·      Add water as needed.
·      Blend until smooth and serve.
2. Fresh Start Detox Smoothie
Every ingredient in this smoothie is great for your body and mind. Spinach, for instance, is great for strengthening your muscles (especially after a workout) and helps create beautiful skin. All the other ingredients act as detoxifiers and stress-reducers — perfect for sipping on your way to work.
·      1 cup spinach
·      8 leaves of mint
·      1/2 banana
·      3 celery stalks (chopped)
·      1/4 cucumber (sliced)
·      1/2 cup coconut milk
·      Juice from 1/2 lemon
·      (Topping)
·      1 sprig of mint
·      Sprinkle of chia seeds
·      Shredded coconut
·      Blend everything until smooth.
·      Pour in a glass and sprinkle with seeds and coconut.
3. Whiteout Smoothies
If you prefer thinner smoothies then this is a great alternative.
·      2 cups of plain yogurt
·      2 cups unsweetened refrigerated coconut milk
·      2 bananas
·      2 T honey (or to taste)
·      1 T ground flaxseed
·      Blend all ingredients together in a blender.
·      Add more honey to taste.  
Tip of the Day
Pressed for time? Then prepare batches of fruit slices and other ingredients, put it in containers or bags, and then pop them in the freezer. You can easily prepare a smoothie everyday with this time saving trick.

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