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by Michelle Carnegie
12 March 2018

I have yet to run with a woman who has not at some stage in her running career complained about her underwear. Let’s face it, we all know what it feels like to run in the wrong underwear, the biggest complaint about most running underwear: they migrate mid-run…. which can turn any long run into a very, very long run!
When it comes to running underwear it is a very personal choice, some runners prefer to go commando, especially when they are wearing running tights, while others prefer running shorts with built in inners. But despite this, numerous polls amongst runners have shown that the majority of runners still prefer to feel some material between their skin and whichever outer layer they run in.
Running underwear is nothing new on the market, but finding the right pair is the challenge. Out of three of my female colleagues at Run24 none of us have found the perfect pair. Honestly, I’ve looked around as long as I’ve been running (and that’s quite some time) and I’ve tried nearly every running underwear brand. Firstly, the problem in South Africa is that there are not many sports brands that offer running underwear, and secondly, if you do find one or two, it’s just not the perfect fit (for me).
Then I came across the UK based Runderwear™ website. It immediately peaked my interest, though it was a UK brand and not available in South Africa’s retail shops. I chatted to Runderwear™ co-founder and avid runner Richard Edmonds and soon two pairs of Runderwear™ undies landed on my desk to try out.
But first a little background on how the Runderwear™ brand was born. The brand is the brainchild of Richard and his co-founder Jamie Smalley, who both suffered from severe chafing after running the New York Marathon. That spurred them on to set out and create the best brand of underwear on the market. And did they get it right!
Their product was launched in 2013 at the London Marathon and was sold out halfway through the show. “As competitive athletes we felt we couldn’t find underwear that matched up to the other clothing and equipment we were using to help us perform. It was like sportspeople just accepted that they would wear ‘normal’ underwear underneath their kit. We made it our mission to create a product that changed the world of what people wore underneath for sport.”
"We travelled around the world trying to source the best fabrics and machinery to make our dream become reality. We then spent two years sampling our products to make sure we had something unique that customers loved," says Richard.

Tried & Tested
So we put the Runderwear™ undies to the test on shorter runs (up to 10km), longer runs (a marathon) and even in a yoga class. I tried the women’s hot pants and the women’s hipster. The first thing that I noticed was the comfort of Runderwear™. It feels soft against the skin and very stretchy. The waistband is super soft with no tightness or uncomfortable digging into your tummy or skin. Made of 360-degree seamless technology, you won’t find any seams rubbing against your skin, eliminating any chance of chafing.
The second noticeable aspect was the fact that these undies stay put and you feel quite supported in all the right places! I ran a marathon in the hotpants style and they stayed put all the way. For me this is one of the most important aspects of a great pair of running underwear.
The technical fabric wicks sweat, which meant it, kept me comfortable on all my runs. It’s been in the wash numerous times and has not lost colour or shape.
I wore mine under leggings and the hotpants did not show any VPL. I wore the hipster on my training runs and those did show a VPL, definitely not a deal breaker though.
Overall Impression
I’m hooked. I can honestly say I have found the perfect fit and the perfect pair of running underwear. So if you are in the market for running underwear, give Runderwear™ a try. You will never look back.
Runderwear™ has different women’s and men’s styles to choose from and even some styles that are designed for winter running. Overall this is a fantastic brand. For more info visit They offer an online shop with fantastic service.
I am lucky enough to be running the London Marathon in six weeks from now, and am super excited that Runderwear™ will be a the Expo. I will be sure to stock up on a whole stash of my new favourite running underwear.
IMAGES: Courtesy Runderwear™

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