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by Michelle Carnegie
12 April 2018

Crossing the finish line of the Two Oceans Half Marathon at the age of 83 is a fabulous achievement, but even more special when your 57-year-old daughter is by your side, sharing in your passion for running.
Caspar Greeff, who has run 38 Comrades Marathons and 26 Two Oceans Ultra’s, recently had a dream come true when his daughter, Karen Brough, joined him at this year’s Two Oceans Half Marathon. Together Dad and daughter tackled the journey and finished the race hand in hand.
“Running with my Dad was by far the ultimate highlight of my running career so far,” says Karen, who definitely got her running genes from Dad Caspar. Having only started running in 2016 after years of cycling, Karen clocked a 3:27 marathon before finishing her very first Two Oceans last year in a great time of 4:56.
A true legend
Her dad, a retired professor in Actuarial Science, boasts many silver medals amongst his bag of Comrades and Oceans medals: 18 silvers at Comrades and 4 silvers at the Oceans Ultra. By the way, he recorded a finish time of less than 5 hours at Oceans at the age of 70! His Comrades PB stands at 6:38 while his Oceans PB stands at 3:46. In 2005 - at the age of 70 - he won his age category at Oceans, finishing the Ultra in 4:58. Indeed a legend, and a tough one on top of that. One of the stories his family loves to tell about him is how back in the days Caspar ran the Beaufort West Ultra in a pair of Hush Puppies after forgetting his running shoes at home. Remarkably his time that year wasn’t much slower than a previous year!

Father Daughter journey
Karen says until she ran Oceans alongside her Dad she had no idea how many runners knew him. “I had no idea as to how many people knew of him and are inspired by him. So many runners took the time to greet him, cheer for him and celebrate his greatness out there.”
She describes running alongside her legendary Dad as more like a long celebratory walk. “It was though the running red carpet was laid before him. I am still pinching myself as I didn’t realize until race day as to how remarkable and awe inspiring my Dad is. Running through the finish line holding his hand was the highest honour and better than any PB or podium I could ever have wanted. My Dad wanted to get in before the cut off, and we did much more than that. We finished in a very respectable 3h05.”
“I am so proud of my father and how he has been a huge part of running history and the dedication he has had to running.”
Karen had a special message for her Dad: “Thank you Dad for this incredible experience, it is something I will hold close to my heart for the longest time. I love you.”

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