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03 August 2017

One of the most essential pieces of gear in any runners’ cupboard is a good old-fashioned running cap or peak. Here are some tips to pick the perfect headgear.
A cool head is very important while running as the head impacts your whole body thermal sensation. Chances are if your head is feeling hot and bothered, you are going to feel hot and bothered. Now some runners prefer a visor or peak, and others a full running cap. There is no right or wrong. It all boils down to personal preference.
When choosing a cap or peak, here are a few non-negotiable properties to look out for:

  1. It should be water resistant
  2. Have some sort of sun protection
  3. Easily adjust to size
  4. Have some form of breathability (a mesh panel or full mesh is the best bet)
  5. Technical fabric is important
  6. White is the best colour option
  7. Go for a peak with a microfiber sweat band
  8. An anti-glare under brim is another great feature
  9. If the sun really irritates you choose a cap/visor with a brim length that is slightly longer

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