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27 September 2018

If you are relatively new to the sport of triathlon, having carved up a few sprint triathlon events along the way, and perhaps want to consider doing a Half but not quite sure that you have what it takes to finish the 1.9km swim, 90km cycle and 21km run within the cut-off time limit, then the 226 MiWayLife Brick Challenge is for you.

You might also be one of those, how shall we put this - “slower paced” athletes - who are pretty experienced and have done a handful of Half’s but would like to compete in the BIG ONE and that is the FULL. You are not quite sure you can compete over a 3.8km swim, 180km cycle and 42km run and do it all in 1 day and in under 17 hours? Then the MiWayLife 226 BRICK is ideal for you.

When & where
The MiWayLife 226 BRICK CHALLENGE will take place at Midmar Dam on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd of February 2019. Having hosted a very successful 226 debut event this past February, there were a number of athletes that signed up for Full Ironman in Port Elizabeth afterwards having received the ‘shot’  of confidence they needed.  After completing the 226 brick challenge spread out over 3 days, they were confident enough knowing that they could then go and compete in PE and finish it in one day. A ‘stepping’ stone so to speak.

The concept
The concept is simple. Swim on Day 1, Cycle on Day 2 and then Run on Day 3. The organisers have gone the extra yards for the 2019 event to ensure that all distances and bases are covered. The 226 BRICK CHALLENGE will also suit those established athletes that are perhaps training for the Durban Ultra on the Full Ironman in PE. Even the younger generation and total newbie are catered for with the newly added 56.5km event.

The ‘training Camp’ concept is well serviced by this event, allowing athletes to come and ‘compete’ over the course of 3 days with the emphasis very much on training and enjoying themselves. The event and its rules are like no other in South Africa – a type of ‘old school’ mentality has been adopted to ensure that the athletes enjoy themselves and the sport of triathlon in a very casual manner. Whether you just want to compete to finish or try and smash your PB by combining all three days finish times, the whole approach is one of a very laid-back no pressure type of event.

For those that want to potentially run Two Oceans and Comrades later in the year, the 42km marathon leg that forms part of Day 3 for the 226 full brick can be used as your qualifying time if you so wish.

Where do I sign up?
There are only 100 slots available per each of the 5 events with a few ‘rabbits’ taking up the remaining solo discipline slots – this will ensure that the event remains small and niche which then ensures that each athlete receives some extra personal attention.

Full Details can be found on with a video summarising the entire event found via this link.

For more details and information, email

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