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17 May 2019

The Virgin Money London Marathon is about so much more than just the actual race day; it is about the wave of emotions you go through when you receive the confirmation that you got a race entry, the joys and pain of training, the disappointment of getting injured, to the absolute joy and extreme self-satisfaction you feel when you cross the finish line. 
Plus, when you are experiencing all of that with your spouse it means a lot, says Kerryn Trim, who together with husband Michael not only finished the 2019 London Marathon, but are on the brink of reaching their fundraising target of more than R80 000 for the National Autistic Society. The couple, both South Africans currently living in Chelmsford, chose the National Autistic Society as their nephew is autistic. “We are almost there, we still have a few more weeks to get to the target, but we are confident that we will reach it,” says Kerryn.
Overall experience
The couple both describe their overall experience of the London Marathon as superb. “The race was well-organized, perhaps the best we have experienced. Most noticeable was that we didn’t stand in any queues until a few minutes before the start – from the expo to the starting pens was smooth sailing. We loved the actual race itself and barely noticed the first 10km – it just disappeared as we got pulled along with the crowds. After that the legs started making themselves known, but it still felt a lot easier than expected,” says Kerryn.
Hitting the road
They are both satisfied with the outcome of their race, especially taking into consideration both were slightly injured which limited their training time. “It’s always easier when you can just follow feet in front of you, and a few of the costumes on the route kept us entertained. We managed to keep an easy but consistent pace from start to finish so we are both very pleased with the result. Michael was definitely stronger throughout.”

Crowd support
The massive crowd support along the route blew them away.We have never experienced support like that in any race,” says Kerryn, who has completed the full Ironman event in Port Elizabeth. “Parts of the run route for Ironman PE get similar support but what was most noticeable in London was the constant support from start to finish, and the lengths the supporters go to. One thing to remember for next time will be to put our names on our shirts to amplify the support.”
They loved the course. “We expected quite a lot of congestion, but it really wasn’t too bad.  The only hiccup was around Canary Wharf where GPS gets scrambled, and you think you have run a few kays further. We had to reset our minds when we realized our watches were wrong,” says Kerryn.
Finish line
Finishing past Buckingham Palace on the magnificent Mall brought them both sheer joy. “It’s a great straight to finish on. I cried a tiny bit when I finished because my legs took a pounding and I was relieved to be finished.  We finished in 5:14. Because we were running with injuries, and very little training, we didn’t set any targets and weren’t too optimistic about finishing under 6 hours.  Despite that, we did a lot better than we thought, so we are very pleased about that,” says Kerryn.
The couple is very impressed with their overall experience of the London Marathon. “The entire event is flawlessly executed. Considering how many people the event team need to manage, it is unbelievable that they can do that so well.”
Looking ahead
“We would love to run London again if given the opportunity. One thing the marathon has done it to reignite our running fire, so we might find a few more races to run.”

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