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26 May 2019

If the winner in either the Men’s or Women’s races in this year’s Comrades Marathon breaks the Up Run Best Times of Leonid Shvetsov (2008 – 5:24:49) or Elena Nurgalieva (2006 – 6:09:24) respectively, he or she will take home a minimum of R1-million in Comrades prize money, comprised of a first prize of R500,000 plus a R500,000 incentive for breaking the Best Time; in addition to prizes for First South African (R200,000) and First KZN Man and Woman (R45,000).
The Comrades Marathon Association (CMA) has confirmed that nearly R4.3-million is in the prize kitty for the 94th edition of the world’s most gruelling ultramarathon, to be hosted in two weeks’ time on Sunday, 9 June 2019.
Prize Money

Position Men & Women
1st R500 000.00
2nd R250 000.00
3rd R180 000.00
4th R  90 000.00
5th R  70 000.00
6th R  40 000.00
7th R  35 000.00
8th R  30 000.00
9th R  25 000.00
10th R  20 000.00
Age Category Prizes

Category Position Men & Women
40 – 49 years Position 1 R20 000.00
  Position 2 R12 000.00
  Position3 R6 000.00
50 – 59 years Position 1 R12 000.00
  Position 2 R6 000.00
  Position3 R4 000.00
60 + years Position 1 R6 000.00
  Position 2 R4 000.00
  Position3 R3 000.00
Team Prizes

TEAMS (Amateur/ Recreational Clubs)
Category Position Men & Women
Open 1st Team R16 000.00
  2nd Team R12 000.00
  3rd Team                      R8000.00
Over 40 years 1st Team R12 000.00
  2nd Team                      R8000.00
  3rd Team R4 000.00
TEAM PRIZES (Elite/ Professional)
1st Team R32,000 R32,000
South African Athletes
The first South African citizen (Man and Woman) to complete the event will each receive R200,000
KwaZulu-Natal Athlete
The first KwaZulu-Natal athlete (Man and Woman) to complete the race will each receive R45,000 from the KwaZulu-Natal Department of Sport & Recreation.
In addition to prize money, 1-ounce Gold Medals valued at over R770,000 are awarded to the first ten men and the first ten women.
The Comrades Marathon traditionally attracts competitors from across the country and around the world; including the very best ultra-distance athletes. With the addition of two new medals, the Isavel Roche-Kelly and the Robert Mtshali, there is certainly an added incentive for runners to vary their Comrades goals this year.
Gold                                             First 10 Men and Women
Wally Hayward (Men)                    Position 11 to sub 6hrs
Isavel Roche-Kelly (Women)          Position 11 to sub 7hrs 30
Silver (Men)                                  6hrs 00min to sub 7hrs 30min
Bill Rowan                                    7hrs 30min to sub 9hrs 00min
Robert Mtshali                              9hrs 00min to sub 10hrs 00min
Bronze                                        10hrs 00min to sub 11hrs 00min
Vic Clapham                               11hrs 00min to sub 12hrs 00min

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