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25 October 2020

Be fast to have fun, be quick to help, and run your rounds when the Scarlet Speedsters take over the cities and towns on 8 November 2020. At precisely 08:00 thousands of people all over the country will take part in The Flash Virtual Run, the fifth event in the popular Justice League™ Virtual Run Series. It might just be a blink in time, but it certainly is an event of significance to South Africa’s active people who like to run or walk.

The Flash, also known as the Scarlet Speedster, The Streak or the Crimson Comet is one of the most iconic DC Comics characters, and the star of one of a popular television series.

Most people are familiar with his basic abilities, which are powered by the Speed Force, an extra-dimensional energy that not only fuels his super-speed, but also allows him to punch with immense force, and gives him enhanced reactions, reflexes, endurance, and decelerated aging. However, there are a few superpowers The Flash has that most of his fans are not aware of, such as an aura that provides a protective barrier that keeps The Flash shielded from the elements, projectiles, and from his body burning from the incredible frictions that the super speed can produce. Not only is he quick on his feet, but Barry Allen's mind moves at a rate faster than a mere mortal. Thanks to the Speed Force, his brain processes thoughts at the speed of light. The Flash can process information so fast that he can almost predict the future. He can quickly perceive nearly every possible outcome to determine the best choices to make. This, of course, also makes him a super-fast detective!

And did you know that the Flash can fly? While he prefers running on solid ground, The Flash can fly if necessary. He does this by spinning like a top, using his vortex abilities to make himself a human tornado, or he can ride over a self-made cyclone. Not only does this allow him to fly on Earth, but he can also fly from planet to planet by harnessing his atomic-molecular motion. But mostly he runs because that is his preferred means of moving from one place to another.

Runners and walkers can also rather travel by car, bicycle, or any other vehicle – but they often prefer to rather walk or run, especially for fitness and fun – and lately also to the benefit of a good cause. Active people like to be active, and thus to act when other people need help. Act on 8 November 2020 by taking part in The Flash Virtual Run. Not only will it be great fun, but you also be helping the needy children of South Africa.

If you have not yet participated in a Justice League™ Virtual Runs, be quick, be brave, take a chance, and enter. The year 2020 may not have been the best year for many people, but it certainly allowed us to move in a new direction, by spending more time with our family and showing love to our fellow citizens. The Flash Run is an opportunity to help needy children while having fun and being part of something new and exciting.

We run for fun, we run for freedom and we run for the future! Join the Justice League on 8 November and shine brightly!

The Justice League™ Virtual Run Series is the official series of Warner Bros and DC Comics in South Africa. The events are produced by Sportsvendo, the same company that brought the unprecedented successful, The Color Run to South Africa

Click Here to register and enter:
Distance: 2.5km, 5km, 7.5km, 10km
What would be greater than supporting our children?
Simply liking The Justice League™ Virtual Run Series Facebook page AND completing your details, your name will appear on our website’s “Wall of Heroes” and we will match “your like” with a meal pack.
Be an everyday Super Hero by following these simple steps and impact the lives of 3 children!

One child by liking The Justice League™ Virtual Run Series Facebook page and an additional two children by entering one of the virtual events.
Twitter: @JLRunSeries
Instagram: @JLRunSeries
Follow the event with #JusticeLeague

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